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In Contagion, the 2011 film by Steven Soderbergh that gained notoriety in our times as an unlikely prophet to the current pandemic [it was subsequently watched by millions, especially in the beginning months of 2020], the virus-ravaged world the film depicts starts going back to normal when…


It didn’t really set in, even right around March, when the national government started mobilizing its excruciatingly slow vaccination program and announced several categories of prioritization, with the first to get the jab being those in the A1 category — the frontline health workers.

We were magnanimous in our agreement…

By all accounts, the transmission occurred at home, but its origin was somewhere else: her husband’s office. He worked in a BPO — it involved working as client services manager and supervisor for foreign firms — and like many BPOs of its kind, their workplace was a hermetically sealed environment…

It is June 16, the first day of MECQ in Dumaguete City. It begins with some semblance of quiet. Journalist Raffy Cabristante, on the lookout for what he can share on the popular Facebook page of his radio station Yes The Best FM, sets out for the heart of downtown.

Ian Rosales Casocot

Interpreter of hamsters. Author of Beautiful Accidents: Stories and Heartbreak & Magic: Stories of Fantasy and Horror

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